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I think that this was an incredible game! The writing is pretty smart, the animations are dynamic and interesting, and the overall construction is pretty admirable. Definitely a lot of fun for Ace Attorney fans. (Slight spoiler: there was a time where I audibly whispered "he's about to update the autopsy report" with a little too much hype). I'm hoping for more in the future!

Really good and interesting, not to mention funny asl lmao


 From the characters to the animation to the humor, I was instantly hooked by this wacky little game. I really do hope you continue the series because it was tons of fun! It was also a pretty good mystery and payoff, you perfectly recreated the satisfaction of a good Objection! Great work. 


this was such a fun game! i loved the cartoon-y artstyle, the characters were all entertaining, and the story kept me engaged.  i hope you make more games because this was fantastic and i will definitely recommend!


This game gives me Ace Attorney vibes but like more wild somehow.  I LOVE IT SO MUCH, especially Ash because we NEED a non-binary Maya stand in in our lives.

Side note, you did that real sword anamatic, you are the best.


Super fun game. I actually laughed out loud a few times. Cant wait for more


Really cool game. Can I donate few bucks to it somehow?


Wow, thank you so much! It means a lot that people like my game enough to financially support it.

I just switched the game over to a "Pay What You Want" system. Feel free to chip in whatever you feel is fair.


This was a great game with some superb writing and a fun story, and a LOT of content for free. I was expecting a short 30 minutes-ish game but it lasted me hours. Definitely looking forward to more if you ever decide to make this a series. Awesome job!

One thing I didn't get though (SPOILERS BELOW)

Towards the end, Harper claims that the reason Angela couldn't be dead is because Warren already proved she was in the photo the influencer took, but I don't remember Warren actually proving that. In fact I don't remember ever determining who that figure was. Did I completely space out on this part, or was it scrapped from the story?

Thanks so much for playing my game! Sorry it took so long for me to respond here.


That one's more of a mistake on my part. I leave it assumed that if Angela is the killer, then she is the person in the photograph. Maybe I spell it out in an optional piece of dialogue somewhere. In either case, you didn't miss anything. I should have made the plot point more clear.  I'm glad you enjoyed everything else!


An excellent adaption of the Ace Attorney formula! The writing is funny, the characters inventive, the music draws out tension so great, the animations and poses of the characters are so well done, the contradictions all make sense and I never got stuck too long - AND the game is free! I really can't even think of anything to criticize. It's really a gem that something like this can even exist. I'd be very much willing to invest in whatever would be needed to get some kind of large-scale release of this game!

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You know a game's pretty damn good when at the end you're left wanting more. A funny, compelling game with some great character work and a fun, coherent mystery.


Fantastic game with a lot of the familiar Ace Attorney-like charm that I love! Not quite done yet but it's been a very enjoyable ride. Everything from the art and animation to the writing has been top notch and really enjoyable. I really adore the character variety and interactions too! I'd totally be happy to pay for a continuation if you all go that route, either way I'll sing praises and share it around.

Super glad I caught this on the front page and checked it out. Great work!!

I'd talk more about specific moments but I wouldn't wanna spoil anything for everyone. Lots of great moments here.


This game is amazing! I could see the Phoenix Wright like humor and I LOVE IT! The graphics are well done and the sounds is so well fitting!


It was only a few hours long, but it was still a fun, well-made, hilarious adventure. The mystery was very well written, with everything seeming to flow together logically with no constant guessing of what to do next. The characters were written well, and the interactions between them were both comical and believable.

Everything I see seems to be leading up to a sequel/update, and I certainly can't wait to see more from the Occult Crime Police!